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Helped CLEARWATER BUSINESS ATTORNEY get discovered online MUCH easier (April ’20 – June ’21) with an amazing 1,198% boost in organic traffic!

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June 2021


SEO & Local SEO




Finding Exceptional Legal Help Online

Did you know that many people search online for lawyers but might miss fantastic firms? That’s what happened to Clearwater Business Attorney, a top-notch firm specializing in business law services. I used “SEO” (search engine optimization) and Local SEO to change that! Over 14 months (April 2020 to June 2021), I helped Clearwater Business Attorney get discovered online much easier, allowing more people to find their excellent legal help.


More Website Visitors, More Potential Clients

Imagine the impact of more people finding Clearwater Business Attorney online! With my best SEO service for attorneys, I made Clearwater Business Attorney’s website much more visible to people searching for legal help. In just over a year, the number of visitors to their website skyrocketed by a whopping 1,198%! That’s a lot more potential clients who could discover Clearwater Business Attorney’s services and connect with the firm for their legal needs.


Connecting with Local Clients in Clearwater

Clearwater Business Attorney is proud to serve the Clearwater community! I used local SEO services for lawyers’ technique to make sure they connected with potential clients in the area. This means when people searched for “business attorney Clearwater” or “corporate law firm Clearwater,” Clearwater Business Attorney showed up near the top of the search results. This resulted in a significant increase in inquiries from local clients reaching out to Clearwater Business Attorney!


SEO Makes Websites Shine Online!

So, how did I achieve this success? I used my best SEO for attorneys’ techniques by finding the words people use to search for legal services (like “business attorney”) and making sure their website had clear and helpful information about those topics. I also made sure the website itself worked smoothly and was easy to use for everyone. These SEO efforts are what helped Clearwater Business Attorney become much more visible online and connect with more clients in need of their legal expertise.


Ready to See Your Business Thrive Online?

Clearwater Business Attorney’s success story is a great example of how the best SEO service for attorneys can help law firms. If you’re a lawyer or attorney and looking to attract more clients online, SEO can be a powerful help. In fact, I’m offering a free Legal SEO Audit to see how your law firm can shine online just like Clearwater Business Attorney did! Let’s discuss and see how I can help you get more website visitors and potential clients.